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BEC Board Meetings & Information

Each month, prior to their regular meeting, the Beartooth Electric Cooperative Board of Trustees receives a “Board Book” of materials to review. The links below take you to some of the recent board books. Please note that each “book” is a pdf that may be 5MB to 15MB (or more) and may take a span of time to load in your browser. Some elements of the board packets can be reviewed easily at other locations on this website. 

Contents of the board book typically include: 

  • January 30, 2018 Board Book
  • Board Agenda
  • Minutes of the Previous Meeting - See also Board Meeting Minutes 
  • Committee Reports (Bylaw, Communication, Finance, Policy, Risk ManagementSee also Board Committee Reports
  • General Manager’s Report
  • Financial Reports - See also under Cooperative Financials 
  • Operating Reports
  • Staff Reports 
  • Other Current Studies or Analyses -  These can also be found in the Member Info menu bar which appears on the right side of this webpage.




January 9, 2018 Board Book

November 28, 2017 Board Book

October 31, 2017 Board Book

Note: There is no September Board Book due to the annual meeting.

Board Book for August 29, 2017

Board Book for July 25, 2017

Board Book for June 27, 2017

Board Book for May 30, 2017

Board Book for April 25, 2017

Board Book for March 28, 2017

Board Book for February 28, 2017

Board Book for January 31, 2017

Board Book for December 16, 2016

Board Book for November 17, 2016

Board Book for October 20, 2016

Board Book for August 30, 2016

Board Book for July 26, 2016

Board Book for June 28, 2016

Board Book for May 31, 2016

Board Book for April 26, 2016

Board Book for March 29, 2016

Board Book for February 23, 2016

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