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BEC attends mandatory Southern Settlement Conference

Carbon County News

By Eleanor Guerrero

On Wednesday, Jan. 30, board members of Beartooth Electric Co-op (BEC) attended a mandatory settlement conference. The meeting was required as part of the procedure in the bankruptcy case of Southern Montana Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative, Inc. (Southern). BEC met with major secured creditor, Prudential Insurance Company (Prudential) to see if a settlement could be reached at this time. 

Great Falls faces costly trial in bankruptcy court

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By Richard Ecke Great Falls Tribune Staff Writer 
Feb 4, 2013 
A very expensive trial looms a year from now for the city of Great Falls in its energy venture mess.

BEC Update

Carbon County News

By Eleanor Guerrero

The Beartooth Electric Co-op (BEC) held its monthly board meeting on Friday, Jan. 25 at the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation center. The Due Diligence Committee reported on the latest in the Southern Montana Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative (Southern) bankruptcy and related matters. 

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Southern/SME Summary

In response to member requests — background information -- 

Recent Court Pleadings in the Southern Bankruptcy Case

Attached are two of the most recently filed court pleadings in the Southern bankruptcy.  The memorandum of decision says that Southern must pay PPL the approximately $2.5 million it sought as payment for power PPL delivered under contract before the PPL/Southern contract was vacated.  This was the administrative claim argued in court last session.  Remember, the whole PPL claim is $374,863,708.19.  



Extracting Great Falls from energy muck - OUR OPINION

January 6, 2013 Tribune Editorial Board

Great Falls municipal government did plenty of things wrong in creating and operating its electric energy arm, Electric City Power. This arm of the city has lost $7 million already, and probably will lose at least $2 million more.

Yet Great Falls was simply a tag-along in an ill-fated venture that featured big egos, a series of ill-advised moves, and a recession that took a big bite out of even big players in the national energy markets.

SME members - including city of Great Falls - face nail-biting year Power co-op's bankruptcy case may be entering final year

One utility has offered $30 million for the Highwood Generating Station, an official said last month. / TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO/LARRY BECKNER

Written by Richard Ecke Tribune Staff Writer

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