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About Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives is the national brand that champions the value of the cooperative difference. Our mission is to bring a strong local and national presence to electric cooperatives.

We are a membership organization. Our network is made up of close to 750 local, member-owned electric cooperatives in 46 states. Our cooperatives collectively deliver power and energy solutions to more than 30 million members every day.

We take pride in creating programs for our members and in finding ways to help businesses succeed. We take even more pride in being innovative communicators and our cooperatives’ trusted partner.

Nobody else does what we do.

To us, it’s much more than just a logo and tagline.


Your Beartooth Electric is a member of the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.



Touchstone Energy Cooperatives exist to demonstrate and to enhance the value of the cooperative difference.


The mission of Touchstone Energy Cooperatives is to sustain and promote a unifying brand that delivers on the promise of electric cooperatives’ distinct advantage: leveraging our unique relationships with member-owners to improve the quality of life in their communities.


We will strengthen and sustain a unified brand that exemplifies the value of local cooperative membership and positive member engagement. Touchstone Energy Cooperatives will have the power and flexibility
to address the changing needs of member-owners effectively and efficiently, embody the four core values, be financially strong, and be positioned to take on tomorrow’s challenges.


Touchstone Energy has four core values:
Commitment to Community