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Be Safe Around Power Lines

Your safety is important to us. Our power lines carry very high voltages: 7,200 or 14,400 volts. Accidental contact with them can be fatal. Here are guidelines we recommend to protect you and your family. 
  • Look up whenever you work on the ground. Never use machinery or ladders under power lines unless you have 10 or more feet of clearance. 
  • Identify nearby power lines when working on rooftop antennas and other objects. 
  • Keep children away from utility poles, guy wires, or underground transformers. 
  • Never allow children to climb trees near overhead power lines.
  • Avoid driving a car underneath low hanging power lines or over downed power lines. If you inadvertently contact a power line in your vehicle, stay in the vehicle until emergency or utility personnel arrive. If your vehicle is on fire or it is otherwise too dangerous to remain inside, stand on the door-frame, jump clear of any power lines, and then hop away with both feet together.
  • Call 811 or 800-424-5555 before you begin any excavation to notify all utility services near your dig. 
  • Do not plant trees underneath power lines or over buried underground power lines.