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Budget Billing

Budget billing eliminates dramatic ups and downs in your utility bill due to the weather. Every month you’ll pay a fixed amount, although your electrical costs at the end of the year will be the same as if you paid different amounts each month throughout the year.  

When you enroll in the program, we will determine a fixed budget payment for your particular residence. The payment will include other charges such as your base fee for service. If you move, we will calculate a new fixed amount based on your new residence. If you terminate service, we will close your account and send you a final bill for your actual usage.


To enroll in the budget billing program:

  • Your account must be billed under a residential rate class.
  • You must have had active service at your location for the past 12 months. 
  • Your account must have a good credit history. To achieve a good credit history, you cannot have more than two delinquent payments within the last 12 months and no disconnects for nonpayment. 
  • Before coverting to budget billing, you must pay your account in full. 

While you are enrolled in the program, we will continue to read your meter on a monthly basis. Your monthly bill will indicate current consumption and your fixed monthly payment. It will also indicate whether your fixed payment is more or less than the amount you would have paid to date if you were not on the program. 

Every 12 months, we will reconcile your account. If the actual cost of your power is less than the amount you paid during the year, your next bill will reflect a credit on your account. If your actual cost is more than what you paid, we will bill you for the difference. At the end of each anniversary year, we will examine your prior 12-month power usage and calculate a new fixed payment for the following year.

If you fail to maintain good credit, your account will revert to the regular billing program. You may reenroll in budget billing once you reestablish good credit.

If you would like to set up a budget billing account, please call the office 406-446-2310 or stop by and talk to us.