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Clean Energy – Do you have a choice?

Have you received a phone call or email from a clean energy supplier introducing “Clean Energy for Everyone,” or “When it comes to energy, now you have a choice” followed by a message similar to:

Clean energy is accessible for everybody. You don’t need to install equipment or even own your home, apartment, or business space to reduce your impact on the environment. You simply make the switch to 100% clean energy. Sign up in just minutes; we’ll source your electricity from renewables, pay your energy bill, and provide an energy app so you can track your energy usage.

We’ve been getting questions from our members who have received offers like this. So BEC investigated the story behind the headlines. 

Can clean energy suppliers source your power from renewables? Clean energy for everyone is certainly a nice proposition. However, they cannot source the electricity to your home. Your electrical power would still be supplied by Beartooth Electric Co-op. The clean energy provided by these suppliers is, in fact, renewable energy certificates (REC), aka renewable energy credits or green tags. RECs are a way to offset carbon-based power generation and support the development of “greener,” cleaner energy. 

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