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How to lower your power bill

How to lower your power bill

High bills are the direct result of high power usage. If you think your bill is too high, we will be happy to work with you to find the cause. Call us at 406-446-2310. In most cases, we’ll be able to find the reason by examining your billing records. In rare cases, one of our field personnel may have to visit your residence to identify the problem.

Based on our experience determining the reasons for high bills, we’ve compiled the following list of questions you may want to consider before you contact us.





What are you comparing?

  • Have you considered the time of the year? Is your electric use consistent over the last 12months considering weather fluctuations?
  • Are you comparing your bill to your neighbor’s? No two households are alike.
  • Does your bill include the same number of billing days this year as last?

Does your bill include charges other than electricity used?

  • Are there ancillary charges for services such as surge protection or security lights?
  • Does your bill include a deposit, connection/disconnection fee, or a returned check fee?
  • Does your bill include past-due amounts from a previous bill?

Has your household changed?

  • Has the size of your household increased or did someone stay at home more?
  • Have you had guests stay for an extended period?
  • Have there been any RVs or vehicles plugged into your service?

Have your habits changed?

  • Have you added a swimming pool or hot tub?
  • Have you acquired hobbies that use power tools, ovens, or other high electrical resistance tools or appliances?
  • Have you purchased a new appliance or electronic equipment?

Construction or remodeling?

  • Underground excavation can nick a line in underground wiring and cause a short.
  • Have you added additional rooms recently? If not properly sized, your HVAC system could be working harder. 

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