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Saving Energy in Schools

Reducing the cost of energy for heating, cooling and lighting can conserve dollars to be used for student education. Today's school administrators face competing demands for limited resources while trying to maintain aging facilities. Through the Schools A+ Energy Efficiency Program, electric co-ops can use their expertise to help schools improve their energy performance.


School Energy Usage Facts

  • Schools spend over $6 billion a year on energy, yet 25% of that energy is wasted.
  • Schools spend more on energy than on textbooks and computers combined.
  • It's getting worse—per pupil energy expenditure rose 19% from 2007 to 2008.
  • Simple, low-cost measures can mean big savings.
  • There are more than 172,000 schools in the US, and at least 79,000 are in co-op territories.


Being able to provide a quality education is key to the survival of the rural communities we serve. Beartooth Electric Cooperative has a long history of supporting our schools and our member families. If your school in the Beartooth Electric service area would like an A+ Energy Efficiency Program Review, contact or call 406-446-2310.

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Schools + Electric Co-ops = Win/Win Partnerships