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Security Lights

We can install area lighting for members. Security lights will be installed on existing BEC facilities or security light pole(s) on the members' property only. Any relocation of security lights will be at the cost of the member. Underground trenching for service to security light poles will be provided by the member. Lights are hung on a pole with wire ready for electrician to connect on the consumer(s) side of the meter.

  • High Pressure Sodium is the standard outdoor light provided by the Cooperative.
  • Specialty Lights are any lights other than the Cooperative standard High Pressure Sodium.
  • The Cooperative does not install and/or maintain specialty lights.

Lamp breakage or burnouts must be reported to the BEC by the member. Security light repairs will be addressed in a timely manner, but it is a low priority maintenance request.

Installation fees will be assessed from the current unit cost sheets. For more information, please call us at (406) 446-2310.