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Service Area Map

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District 1
Bridger, Park
Trustee: Daniel Dutton
All consumers south of Hwy 212, from Rockvale to Joliet, south along the Joliet Fromberg Back Road to the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River drainage. All of the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River drainage including all of Edgar, Fromberg, Bridger, Belfry and Clark WY areas.
District 2
Boyd, Joliet
Trustee: Roxie S. Melton
All Consumers N of Roberts and Cherry Springs Rd, to Roberts Bridger Back road, then Northest following the Elbow Creek drainage, to the Joliet/Fromberg Back road and back to Joliet. Along the N side of Hwy 212, east to Rockvale, then N to the Yellowstone River, following the Yellowstone River West back to Hwy 78 (S of Columbus), along Hwy 78 to Joe Hill Creek Road, then following the Joe Hill Creek Road South to Cooney Dam area and further south following the east side of Cooney Dam Road back to the Willow Creek Road then east cross country to Shorey Road, South to Hwy 212, SW to the Town of Roberts.
District 3
Roberts, Bearcreek
All consumers NE of Hwy 212 from the intersection of Lake Fork Rd and Hwy 212 N along Hwy 212 to the intersection of Wright Road and Hwy 212 (S. of Roberts). Encompassing all of the town of Roberts and surrounding areas, then east on Cherry Springs Rd to Elbow Creek Road, then South along all of the East Bench including the upper Elbow Creek and Clear Creek drainages.
District 4
Red Lodge
Trustee: Dick Nolan
From the intersection of Highway 212 and Wright Road (S. of the Town of Roberts), all of the west side of Highway 212 to the Lake Fork Rd intersection with Highway 212, then North to Sheep Mountain (W. of the Town of Luther) including the Volney Creek drainages, N. to Cooney Dam then south to the Dysktra Divide Rd and south along the Roberts/ Cooney Dam Road south back to the intersection of Wright Rd and Hwy 212.
District 5
Absarokee, Fishtail
Trustee: Arleen Boyd
From the Intersection of Joe Hill Road and Hwy 78, south to Cooney Dam then west, including all of the Whitebird Creek, Beaver Creek and Butcher Creek drainages, including the upper Red Lodge Creek area. Then west along the Beartooth mountain range including both the East and West Rosebud Creek drainages back to the Dean Divide, then north to Absarokee. Then following Hwy 78, from the town of Absarokee, back to the intersection of Hwy 78 and Joe Hill Creek Road.
District 6
Trustee: Bill Pascoe
From the intersection of Hwy 78 and Joe Hill Creek road north to the Stillwater River and encompassing the entire Stillwater drainage area back west including Jack Stone Creek Road and Stockade Road then south to encompass all of the Nye area back to the Dean Divide. Then northeast back to Absarokee and all consumers north of Hwy 78 back to the intersection of Hwy 78 and Joe Hill Creek Road.
District 7
Columbus, Rapelje, Reed Point
Trustee: Ralph Lewis
All areas north of the Yellowstone River including all of the Rapelje, Reedpoint and Columbus areas. To also include the Countryman Creek, Huntley Butte Creek, Hump Creek and West Bridger Creek drainages that exist south of the Yellowstone River.