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Tree Trimming

Trimming trees to make sure they do not interfere with the power we provide you is a never-ending task for our crews. When we trim your trees, we make sure we do it properly, so they remain healthy. Here are the standards we follow.  

Clearance: Many trees can grow 15 feet or more in a five-year period. We remove or prune trees to ensure 15 feet on each side of our overhead power lines remains clear. This also applies to trees that prevent our access to the lines.

Pruning: We work with tree care specialists to make sure we properly prune your trees. For instance, we cut branches at a fork to allow the cuts to callus over quickly with new bark. This reduces the risk of insect or disease damage and minimizes the subsequent growth into our power lines.

Removal: We remove trees growing within 15 feet of our power lines. This prevents them from falling on our lines during extreme weather and interrupting your power. Most importantly, it minimizes the chance that broken power lines could endanger, perhaps fatally, people and animals on the ground. 

Member Notification: Our agreement to provide you power gives us permission to prune whenever it is needed. Unless we encounter a dangerous or emergency situation that requires immediate action, we will attempt to notify you by phone when we schedule routine maintenance.  

Tree Placement: You can help us provide reliable power by considering where you plant trees. Making sure they will not grow near the power lines. Here’s a graphic to help you plan where you plant. 

For information on the types of trees you should plant within the zonesthe graphic displays, we suggest you consult the Arbor Day Foundation™ at

Call us at 406-446-2310 if you have any questions about pruning or tree removal efforts. 

Tree Line USA®: The Tree Line USA® program is sponsored by The Arbor Day Foundation™ in cooperation with the National Association of State Foresters and recognizes public and private utilities across the nation that demonstrate practices that protect and enhance America's urban forests.