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If you request that we relocate your existing lines, including the movement of overhead lines underground, we will bill you for the entire cost of the effort. The cost will include the equipment and materials we use or install. We will evaluate all requests on a case-by-case basis and may at our sole discretion choose not to perform the work. Before we perform any work, we will tell you what it will cost.


Idle Services

All line extensions are the property of Beartooth Electric. BEC owns, operates, and maintains them regardless of the member's contribution to the cost of construction. We will consider power lines and services not used for twelve (12) consecutive months to be idle. You may retain the idle service by paying the co-op’s monthly base fee. If you elect not to pay the fee, BEC may at our discretion choose to remove the electric service and associated equipment.


Temporary Service

Temporary installations are available. You must pay the installation and estimated removal costs prior to the installation.


Security Lights


BEC will install a security light purchased through us and maintain it for the fee in our Fees & Charges Schedule. Costs incurred in the relocation of existing security lights will be borne entirely by the member.



A member must procure necessary easements or other necessary land use rights for line extensions and furnish them to BEC using our forms. We will record them at the appropriate county courthouse.  



You are responsible for the cost of clearing a right-of-way before we construct your power lines. BEC will work with you to determine how to do this.


Line Extensions

We normally do line extensions on a first come, first serve basis after a member meets all requirements of our line extension policy. However, BEC reserves the right to change its schedule for emergencies, outages, and other reasons.