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NorthWestern Energy FERC Filing

Northwestern Energy (NWE) has filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a 53.8% increase in their Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT), effective July 1. BEC takes delivery of its power supply through NWE’s transmission system at 10 delivery points (substations). Consequently, the proposed increase would impact BEC’s transmission delivery budget by approximately $250,000 per year.

COSA Results for 2020


How big is the energy efficiency resource?

Amory B Lovins

Published 18 September 2018 • © 2018 The Author(s). Published by IOP Publishing Ltd

Click below for the full article:
Environmental Research Letters, Volume 13, Number 9

Come Join Us! 81st Annual Member Meeting | May 4, 2019

Come join us!

Beartooth Electric Cooperative 81st Annual Member Meeting
Saturday, May 4, 2019
ANIPRO Event Center
Hwy 78
Absarokee, Montana

8 AM  Registration Opens
9 AM  Business Meeting
Noon  Festive Cinco de Mayo Luncheon

Elections | Business Meeting | Door Prizes

See the agenda here

Are You Experiencing FLICKERING LEDs?

You’ve probably read a lot from Beartooth about the benefits of converting to LED lights within your home and business over the past year. We are seeing a very high interest from members in this new light source offering significant energy savings and visual color options across the spectrum. The growth in LED sales is impressive. The Thomas Edison light bulb filament has changed a little but nothing compared to the light emitting diode (LED) in the new light bulbs.

SOLARIZE 59068 Launch Event


A new report on the nationwide economic impact of electric cooperatives

A new report on the nationwide economic impact of electric cooperatives shows that co-ops support nearly 612,000 American jobs and contributed $440 billion in U.S.

The Hard Hat Celebrates 100 Years

When you think of people who have changed our lives with their inventions, you may think about Thomas Edison and his lightbulb or Alexander Graham Bell and his telephone. Not many of us would think to include Edward W.

Ralph Lewis Appointed to Beartooth Electric Board of Trustees

Reed Point resident Ralph has been appointed to the board of trustees for Beartooth Electric Cooperative filling the vacant District 7 seat.


NOMINATION FILING Period now open-
Districts 2, 5 and 7